Natalie Campbell-Djedje

Natalie's adage is 'Beauty belongs to you'. She sees beauty in everyone and everything. Image is everything! That's not an indictment but an invitation to create beautiful, fantastic images that create an impact. Natalie comes from a unique upbringing that encompassed a deep passion and interest in the fine arts and languages, thanks in large part to her father; but she was also fortunately exposed to diverse cultures and beauty through world travel and international cooking from her mother.

Beauty is not exclusive to some and elusive to others. Beauty belongs to you
— Natalie CD Photography
Natalie Campbell-Djedje

As a commercial and fine art portrait photographer, Natalie's portfolio has a fashion, editorial and fine art quality. She is obsessed with cinema, especially foreign films and is inspired greatly by them. 

Her aim is to create beautiful images for you and/or for your business; quality images that are meant for a magazine or on the walls of an art gallery.

If you have any questions about her services, please do not hesitate to contact her. She is fluent in French and Spanish, should you prefer to communicate with her in those languages.

Phone: 416.805.5035